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Hobohemia Series

Not your ordinary kind of fantasy. Hobos, rail barons, and steam children occupy a land where the romance of the rails lives on. Enjoy a free short story to introduce you to my world: Click here for 'Runaway'

Siren's Song

Humans called the crystalline creatures Sirens. The aliens were the most vicious life form Earth ever encountered, and Scott had one trapped in his mind.

Published by Champagne Books Group

Waiting Weapon

Beware when you dig up your own alien past - it might do far worse than haunt you. Archeologist Richard Pinn returns to the ruins where he was discovered by humans.

Published by Champagne Books Group

Blade Dancer Series

Look to the skies and understand that this is not your world. Extend your claws and realize you are not human.

Enter Mikial's world as she faces First Contact gone wrong. Published by Champagne Books Group. Read the series review.    Buy the entire series here. (Kindle)

Dark Dancer Series

Welcome back to the Dancer universe forty five years later. Say hello to Yitzen Tines, a popular and very talented dancer about to get her perfect world rocked. Hard. The shadow of possible conflict with a new species, the Coshen, have her people looking for something other than a good dancer. They need a successor to their legendary but aging leader. So what happens when they pick the wrong girl?