Honor, Courage, Chivalry, Steam Engines

Alex Kieferís demons werenít just personal. They were family, and bent on destroying a land he didnít believe in. Hobohemia, a world of living rails and steam children, fades in the shadow of modern technology and ideals. Alex literally digs up the plans for a new steam locomotive that can end the threat of diesel engines once and for all. Providing he lives long enough to get to the Baldwin factory. An aunt far older than she seems will stop at nothing to see Hobohemiaís end. Alex must first confront a far greater foe Ė an inner rage born of guilt and an angry past. Being a warrior wonít be enough. To win back a world, he must become a knight.

Edited by Judy Gill. Published by Champagne Books Group. Cover art by Melody Pond

cover art
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