Dark Dancer contracted to Champagne Books

The novel is contracted for a tentative January 2022 release. Editor Judy Gill (Defiant Dancer, Battle Dancer, Knight of the Open Road) has expressed an interest in the work. Looks like the band is getting back together again. Dark Dancer is a return to my Dancer universe and starting story of a troubled Suria. Takes place roughly fourty five years after last novel Battle Dancer. This will be the start of a new series about Mikial's successor.

Void Dancer

Cranking up the next novel after Dark Dancer. The chapter outline is complete, and I am working the first draft. This is the second novel in the Dark Dancer story of Suria Yitzen Tines. I envision this as more of a military SF at the start. Her people are fighting a would-be conqueror, and she is equally in conflict with herself. The vengeful Suria begins to realize that war hasn't just made a monster out of her. A much darker secret awaits.

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