Work In Progress

I have begun work on the third and final installment of the Hobohemia series - tentatively titled "Knight of the Open Road". This one will concern the hoboes. Right now I am working on the first draft and hope to be finished late in 2018.

"Storm Child", my next Hobohemia novel after "Tracks", has been contracted with Champagne Books. In "Storm Child" you will meet a troubled steam child named Red who must face the demons within before confronting the monsters without. While a stand-alone novel, you'll get to see several characters and a pivotal piece of history mentioned in "Tracks". There was a lot of things that Timepiece never told Vincent. Red was one of them. Release date brought forward to Feb, 2018.

Speaking of "Tracks"

The novel has been collecting quite a few five-star reviews on Amazon. You can go here to see all the reviews.

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