Current Work In Progress

Slowly (very) hammering out a first draft of what would be the third and final book in the Hobohemia universe that takes place several years after "Storm Child". This one will center around a final showdown between diesels and steam locomotives, and feature a male protagonist named Alex Keifer who secrets plans of a new steam locomotive class (Niagara) back into the hands of the Baldwin family - but the Hamiltons are close behind and they've a secret weapon of their own - half yegg and half steam child who can keep diesels on the living rails without being derailed.

Storm Child Paperbacks

Publisher mailed me thirty copies with the new cover in time for my conventions. Hoping to see the paperback get to all of of the online sites soon, too. It can be bought at Lulu (used as publisher's printing service) in the meantime.

New convention venue - Belton County, TX

This is a small comic con convention compared to the rest, but looks like a lot of fun and I won't need to find a hotel. As far north as I'm going this year.


Houston's largest comic-con is just around the corner, and I will be there with my books as well as some dragon and dragon fly figurines made by hand. Looking forward to the fun. Didn't get an email back in time to get on any panels, though. Sigh.

Conventions I am attending