K M Tolan

Greetings & Salutations. Welcome to my author's website.

My name is Kerry Tolan, and I write science fiction and fantasy. Why? Well, I can't think of any other format where I can really give my imagination a thorough workout. SF offers a bit more structure for me - things must be grounded in something real. That said, I deal with soft science fiction (referred to as "space opera") - it doesn't rely so much on proven or established theories. Gives me a bit more license.

What is really important to me is the story telling. I like stories that immerse you in other cultures and beliefs. World building is a big thing with me. It is more than the stage, it is a source of discovery. So is presenting characters you can relate to. Regardless of the roles they play, they should be people first. Heroes don't have to be right. Antagonists don't have to be evil. Motivations are not always pure.

So who am I? I'm a retired software engineer here in Austin, Texas. I was born and raised near Port Huron Michigan, and entered the US Air Force first as a soldier (Security Police) where I saw combat first hand. After that, I moved on to airborne electronics and finally out into the private world again where a string of events saw me with a lovely wife, two kids, and a career in programming until I began writing full time. So what made me a writer? As a kid, I consumed libraries of any SF or Fantasy I could find. This continued on with paperbacks, and I finally decided that I could channel a rampant case of day dreaming into something constructive. I learned the basics (it's not all art, you know) and began the long journey toward publication.

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I am also quite proud of my kids - both who are skilled in the field of graphics.
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