Final Book in the Blade Dancer Series

Sometimes the world you have to save isnít yours. Sometimes your greatest enemy isnít the one in your sights.

The line between Savior and Destroyer becomes blurred as Mikial fights to free the world of MeíAuk from human occupation. On guard against a treacherous alliance with Earth, Mikial is blind to the danger from those she trusts most. They see the monster rising inside her, and will stop at nothing to prevent the return to a darker age when Throne Empresses ruled with an iron hand. Mikial faces off with the deadliest foe she has ever met - the tyrant within.

Battle Dancer completes the story of Mikial Haran, bringing with it all the traditions and strife of an alien people facing the challenges of first contact and technological acceleration.

Edited by Judy Gill. Published by Burst Books. Artwork by Sevannah Stanford

battle dancer