Either they come together or their worlds fall apart.

Yitzen and Toran survived the war, but their relationship did not. Now, in the turbulent aftermath, they must find each other again as politics and a resurgent foe rise to shatter their worlds. Yitzen battles a legacy of madness, having to claw back her lost personality and undo the damage done to both friends and family. Vengeance follows her home as her one-time captor finds himself imprisoned. She discovers forgiveness must be earned, both for herself and for others. Toran may have saved a planet, but his scientific curiosity threatens to put another one at risk when he returns with an artifact capable of rekindling war with an even deadlier foe. He also faces politics back home where his rulers intend to match him with a future bride. Unfortunately for them all, he has already chosen his love, but pursuing Yitzen comes with a heavy price.

Edited by Judy Gill. Published by Champagne Books Group. Cover art by Sevannah Stanford

cover art
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