Void Dancer Characters

As not to become an unintended spoiler for the novel, I've confined my characters to those who begin the story with Yitzen.

Yitzen Tines

Yitzen is an eighteen year old Ipper Qurl whose life changed upon undergoing a metamorphosis both crippling and enabling her. Gone is the slender white-haired dancer, her body transformed into the muscular lethality of a Dathia. She is now a Suria and destined to take the place of the legendary Great Tasuria Mikial. Her innocence has been torn away by a war costing her both friends and family. Bitter and vengeful, she has estranged herself from her family over the death of her brother and buries herself in the role of a combat pilot.

Tenzen Rane

Tenzen is a calico Dathia and childhood friend now serving as Lead of Yitzen's Surian Guard and her wingman. The tall and powerfully built soldier has a quick temper, but Yitzen knows how to navigate around her best friend while still teasing her. Tenzen is concerned about Yitzen's recklessness in battle and her guilt-imposed exile from those she loves.

Senna Garren

Senna is a green eyes auburn Dathia who taught Yitzen how to fly a fighter, and tends to be the mother-figured for Yitzen's Surian Guard. She is quick to reign Yitzen in when she feels the troubled Suria has crossed a line.

Ryan Donald

For those who read the previous Dancer series, yes, he's that Ryan Donald. The human Admiral has been coaxed out of retirement to run operations on the Datha's first carrier. Having dealt with a previous problematic Suria, he is in no mood for Yitzen's thirst for vengence.

Toran Exalan

This bold potential suitor from Kinset is one of the few who can out-dance Yitzen, and the three-belted Sur has his eye on her. Striking orange hair with a slash of ebony, Toran is daring in both his weapons research for the war effort, as well as his advances on the perplexed Suria.