Good Reading (4.5 stars)

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Violet went from being an orphan to a steam child and her life became full and meaningful.

This is the time of steam trains and the hobos who are part of the steam train world. Violet is now a steam child and takes on the name of Red. She and her spirit friends help the trains to run at better speeds and keep the living rails alive.

This is an unusual book, totally outside of the usual fantasy range but more of a steampunk genre. I kept thinking I couldnít carry on reading it, but something made me continue until suddenly Iíd reached the final page. There are a lot of scenes which took my interest, and others where the story seemed to stall, but all of these were woven together to make a good book, it just takes a little effort to get into the story.

The steam world of trains is fascinating with the steam children and their moms, the hobos, the men who work on the trains and the songs of the rails. All of these bind together and provide Red with a background which at times is unbelievable but always makes her character stronger. Iím glad I persevered and read the whole book, it was worth it.