So good, I was sad when I finished it!


A great read from start to finish. Excellent character development! Not just "that guy" that is sometimes found elsewhere. A well thought out and keeps you reading flow to the story. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read! Some nice twists and turns, some great adventure and all in all just a fun time!

Have you hugged an angel today?

David G

Having read both his DANCER series and his (so far) stand-alone novel TRACKS, I've come to expect uncommon tales but consistent quality from Mr. K. M. Tolan. Delightfully, SIREN'S SONG is no exception. As in the Dancer series, Mr. Tolan's world building is both off the beaten path and well thought out. The physiology, environment, philosophy, psychology and culture of Water's race are woven together like a tapestry. She comes across as clearly alien and yet totally relatable (just don't stand too close to her). The other key characters in the story, Scott, Mara and even the often irritating McKenzie, are likewise developed throughout the story, and come across as undeniably real people. The story's villain, too, conjures up a sense of disturbing familiarity. The action scenes are both detailed and intense, in a no-holds-barred, true-to-life (and death) way, and the outcome is never a sure thing. Noteworthy in this story was the changing dynamic between Scott, Water and Mara, and the growth that each underwent along the way. These three characters resonated with me on so many levels, as I guess you can tell. From start to finish, this was an enjoyable read. Looking forward to many more.

Long And Short Reviews


When all of your life you desire peace in your mind and the time comes that your desire is granted, you may soon wish that it wasnít.

Scott Rellant is a normal human with an abnormal mind. An alien species that we are at war with resides in his brain and has remained there since shortly after his birth. Due to an act that saved his life, Scott was cursed with the alien named Water, who lives inside of his mind and can take over all functions of his being on occasion.

This was a phenomenal story in which two different species must work together to understand the other or risk losing everything in the mix. The author goes so much further than just addressing the opposite viewpoints of Scott and Water, he dives deep to look at the emotional impact of institutionalization for Scott due to Waterís presence, the disrupted family dynamic that Scott is forced into and the loss of family and even purpose for Water.

K. M. Tolan works through the separation of Scott and Water and presents both sides in such a remarkable way that the reader feels interwoven into the story. The feelings that Scott and Water feel, the internal and external struggles become so real to the reader that putting down the book is not an option. To right what was wronged so many years in the past, Scott and Water join forces to combat an evil that is ever present in our own world today.

Sirenís Song touches on so many relevant topics we face today both emotionally and morally; and the threads of the story are woven so strongly that that once you are done reading Sirenís Song, you just want to pick it up again and begin reading again! I must admit I have not read a book that resonated with me this well in a long time. I cannot wait to pick up another book by K.M. Tolan, but truth be told, the next book by him will have a high bar to aspire to!

Tolan just gets better and better

Judy Griffith Gill

I bought Siren's Song through the publisher's site (Champagne Books, Burst Division), because the idea intrigued me. Having read some of K.M. Tolan's other novels (The Dancer books especially) I was expecting a good read, but this time, the author has outdone himself in showcasing his creative genius. Scott has been linked mentally with a Siren named Water, member of a dangerous,angry alien race. He has great difficulty keeping the aquatic killing-machine she wants to be under control in the "fishbowl" in his mind. His greatest wish is to be rid of her presence, but it's no stronger than her wish to return to her home, but not before killing all the "thieves" who've come close to wiping out her race. But, when they finally separate in an attempt to save her people from destruction, will either of them ever feel whole again? This beautifully written SF/F novel contains the best of both genres. A true pleasure to read with twists and turns and plenty of surprises..

Siren's Song by K.M. Tolan is definitely worthy of a quick nod.


Siren's Song by K.M. Tolan is definitely worthy of a quick nod. Tolan takes on an ambitious stack of themes: Music, Honor, Corruption (especially in the religion-for-profit industry)... and most of all, the questions of alienation versus belonging: Where does the Body (body personally and collectively) end? Where does "other" begin? Is the distinction worth perpetuating? The world Tolan builds, along with the sentient life-form it cradles, are both fearsome and beautiful. His story (especially the second half) is pacey and compelling. His action and combat scenes are as convincing as any anywhere. Aspects of the book remind me of the film Avatar, although the story is far too original to be considered a derivative. I recommend it.